Monday, October 19, 2015

Strange Sounds in Independence may be Sasquatch

Strange howls and calls have been heard by several witnesses in Independence, Missouri, which to date are unexplained. A woman who has had a number of UFO sightings at her home near the Missouri River clost to 291 Highway and 24 Highway in northeast Independence has heard some strange howls that she and her husband cannot identify. An investigator went to the site and heard the sounds as well. The residents are both veteran farmers and are familiar with the usual coyote howls and other animal noises, but say that this is nothing like that.

Sasquatch drawing by Alexa Evans
"The sounds are more like very loud screams coming from one area, then another one answers from a long way away. It's very spooky to say the least," said the witness.

The investigator said she cannot explain the sounds, either. "I've heard coyotes, wolves, elk, and moose, and this is nothing like any of them. I'm completely stumped."

Both the witness and the investigator listened to Sasquatch recordings on the internet and say that is the closest sound to what they are hearing.

A Sasquatch was sighted not far from this location at a stream in Sugar Creek, located west of 291 Highway in 2012 (see my other blog post about that incident for more information). Perhaps this is the same creature, or one of several. In interviewing several witnesses who have Sasquatch on their property I've found that it appears that they travel in groups or clans.

If you live in the area, keep and ear and eye out for these elusive creatures.

Margie Kay is the publisher of Un-X News Magazine and the host of Un-X News Radio Show 

Monday, September 7, 2015

7-Foot Bat-like Creature Spotted near Blue Springs, Missouri

A woman witnessed a strange bat-like tall creature while driving on a road near Eminence, MO, near Blue Springs on June 28, 2015. According to the witness the creature had leather-like wings which were folded at its side and large cat-like eyes. She was unable to go back to get a better look at the creature. In her words: 

"We were driving along the gravel path towards Blue Springs near Eminence, MO. We were on the path off the highway leading towards the spring. I was in the backseat with my two young children and my husband driving the car. I was gazing out the window at the passing trees into the woods when I saw a large, 7 ft black creature with its leather wings folded up at its side and large cat like ears also black and triangular. It's eyes were yellow and also cat like. Immediately within a few moments I told my husband to stop the car and reverse because I had seen a large cat or bat in the woods and I wanted confirmation. My brain was confused and I couldn't quickly explain what I had meant. He reversed, but a car was coming up behind us and there wasn't room on the road for both of us and he didn't immediately realize the enormity of what I had seen. It was not a tree log, I am sure. We have drove by there since and I assure you I have tried to explain it away. But that is what I was witness to that day, and I needed to share. Thank you."

According to Wikipedia Eminence is a city in Shannon CountyMissouriUnited States. The
population was 600 at the time of the 2010 census. 
Eminence is located in the center of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, Missouri's largest national park and the nation's first protected river system. Popular activities in the Eminence area include canoeing, hunting, fishing, and horseback riding.

Thank you to Missouri MUFON for this report. A MUFON investigator has been assigned to the case. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Strange Chupacabra-Like Creature Reported in Western Missouri

The Kansas City Chapter of Missouri MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) has received six reports of a chupacabra-like creature from different witnesses in western Missouri. Investigators request that witnesses to any unusual animals report their sighting to Missouri MUFON.

Each of the six sightings involved one to two witnesses who report seeing a similar animal which either sits on its haunches or walks. The front legs are shorter than the back legs, it has a long snout with fangs and short grey hair. Most witness report that the creature is approximately two feet tall when sitting, but two witnesses say the animals they saw were as large as a small deer.

One animal was spotted near Woods Chapel Road in Blue Springs near Lake Jacomo. It had mottled dark and light gray hair, a boxy large back end, and short front legs making the body shorter in the front than in the back. This particular animal was approximately 40" - 45" long and 28" high.

 A similarly sized creature was seen near Rich Hill Missouri in 2010 by two witnesses driving north on 49 highway. The creature ran across the road in front of the vehicle.

Two witnesses visiting a park at the Missouri river saw a small strange animal sitting on its hind legs in the middle of the road. It did not move and they needed to pull the car off the road to get around the creature. The creature was described as small, with short front legs which reminded the witnesses of a kangaroo, and with a long snout.

The sightings were reported in mid 2010 to August of 2015. All of the locations were in Independence, Blue Springs, Rich Hill, and Clinton, Missouri. No one has yet been able to obtain a photograph.

A call to the Missouri Department of Conservation yielded no explanation.

The reports of this chupacabra type creature come in the wake of a rash of Sasquatch sightings near a wooded area in Belton, Missouri and Independence, Missouri near the Missouri river, and an undisclosed location in Northeast Missouri. Missouri MUFON and other groups are investigating.

Missouri MUFON urges people to carry a camera and take a photo of anything unusual including UFO's and cryptid creatures. Missouri MUFON investigates UFOs, Sasquatch, cryptid creatures, animal mutilations and crop circles, and has trained investigators across the state.
From Wikipedia:Chupacabras can be literally translated as "goat-sucker", from chupar ("to suck") and cabra ("goat"). It is known as both chupacabras and chupacabra throughout the Americas, with the former being the original word,[4] and the latter a regularization of it. The name in Spanish can be preceded by a singular masculine article (el chupacabras), or the plural masculine article (los chupacabras).

Nat Geo Wild produced a program on the topic in 2013. The show information is available at 

H2 the History Chanel aired a chupacabra episode on Monster Quest, available at

Visit for more information.

Contact Assistant State Director Margie Kay in Kansas City at or 816-833-1602. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Historic Bigfoot Sighting Reported

A woman from Elkton, Missouri, south of Warsaw called a few days ago to report an event that occurred at her childhood home 40 years ago (about 1975) when she was 14 years old. This is a small town in a rural area.

Her family had just finished dinner late one evening and her 10-year old brother was sent to take the trash out to the end of their driveway for pickup in the morning. It was dark outside but there was a bright moon. The family heard the young boy scream and they all went out to investigate to see what was wrong. They found the boy lying on the ground unconscious. When he came to he said he was carrying the trash and when he got about halfway down the driveway he saw a 7 - 8' tall bigfoot standing just 10' away from him. The two stood staring at each other for a minute, but then the boy must have passed out. The young man had not been exposed to reports of bigfoot and thought it was a giant ape and was extremely frightened.

The next morning the four children went out looking for evidence and found several very large footprints. They ran to get their parents, who took a casting of one of the prints with plaster of Paris. The witness, who is part Cherokee, is going to try to find the cast and send it to me.


Margie Kay is the editor of Un-X News Magazine and host of Un-X News Radio Show. She is a UFO and Paranormal investigator living in Kansas City, Missouri.

This blog welcomes reports of bigfoot and other cryptids. Please send your report with as much detail as possible to: 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Witness Reveals Large Clan of Sasquatch in NW Missouri

I have been in contact with a man from Northwest Missouri who has a clan of at least 12 Sasquatch on his property. I was able to interview him at length recently and found that he has been communicating with this clan for several years, and that while normally shy of humans, they are curious, and have come to trust this person I'll call Tom.

Tom has seen Sasquatch children with their mothers, teenage males, adult males, and older males. They seem to stay together as a clan, keeping the females towards the center of the group for protection. The older males are the hunters and the younger males seem to be the protectors. Tom found paths on his property and has determined that the Sasquatch cover themselves in skunk odor in order to mask their scent so the deer won't be tipped off that they are nearby. Then, several Sasquatch lead deer towards a certain area, where they are met with a surprise attack. Apparently, deer are a favorite meal for Sasquatch. Tom says that in order not to spook the deer too badly, the Sasquatch often move the deer herd to a different site, then back again so they won't be tipped off that it is a dangerous area.The Sasquatch work together with coyotes to round up and move the deer.

Tom has been within 15' of a male Sasquatch while outside on his deck, and he and a friend have seen them looking in windows at his televisions. Tom has left food out, which soon disappears. He saw females and males taking the food, which he leaves by a shed. He's also found berries missing from trees and bushes to 12 - 14' up from the ground, but the top part of the tree remains full. Apparently, Sasquatch only get the berries that are easy to reach.

The witness has obtained audio tape of their wood knocks, calls to each other, and even a birth of a baby. I've heard these tapes and they are amazing. The females call with a "Whoop whoop" sound, similar to an owl. The tapes have been reviewed by linguist and Bigfoot researcher Scott Nelson, who says that the calls are definitely not owls, not only because of the tone but because of the frequency at which they occur.

Tom believes that the Sasquatch are very intelligent and are often misunderstood by humans. He is fiercely protective of them so won't give out his exact location to the public. One researcher has been given permission to do an investigation on site and will spend a couple of weeks on the site this summer or fal l(2015). After this is completed I'll post results.

Tom won't allow women researchers on his site because he is afraid that there might be an issue with the male Sasquatch. Since his encounters, Tom has studied the subject extensively and has been in contact with seasoned investigators who say that there have been many cases where women have been abducted by male Sasquatch. For this reason, he keeps women away from the property. 


Margie Kay is the editor of Un-X News Magazine and host of Un-X News Radio Show. She is a UFO and Paranormal investigator living in Kansas City, Missouri.

This blog welcomes reports of bigfoot and other cryptids. Please send your report with as much detail as possible to: 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Loren Coleman to Speak in Pittsburg, PA November 14

John Ventre
June 7 at 2:47pm
Loren Coleman will speak at Pitt MUFON Conf Nov 14
Loren Coleman has been investigating cryptozoological evidence and folklore since the Abominable Snowmen caught his interest in 1960. He is the author, coauthor, editor, and/or contributor of or to over 100 popular books on natural history mysteries and the media, including Mysterious America, Bigfoot!: The True Story of Apes in America, Cryptozoology A to Z, The Copycat Effect, Tom Slick and the Search for the Yeti, and Mothman and Other Curious Encounters. He regularly appears on documentary television programs - including Mysteries at the Museum, Monsters and Mysteries, MonsterQuest, In Search Of, CBS News Sunday Morning, Unsolved Mysteries, Animal X, Ancient Aliens, Ancient Mysteries, Unsolved Mysteries, Finding Bigfoot, and other media, such as Coast to Coast AM - as an expert on strange creatures and inexplicable phenomena.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Recent Bigfoot Sightings and UFOs

As a paranormal and UFO investigator over the past 30 years I've taken reports from witnesses to other events who happen to mention that they've also seen a Bigfoot or two either in conjunction with another event such as a UFO sighting, or alone. After a while, I began to notice two things: 1. Most people don't report Bigfoot sightings to anyone and 2. Many of the large Bigfoot organizations do not have these reports posted on their sites. As far as Missouri goes, there is a LOT more going on here than many people realize, not only as far as UFO sightings and paranormal events go, but also Bigfoot sightings.

Is there a connection to UFOs and Bigfoot?  After taking witness reports from people who have either seen a UFO in the area at the time of their bigfoot sighting or shortly before or after in the same location I have to say that in my opinion, yes, there must be a connection. I watched one witness' video taken just three days after his son saw a Sasquatch in the Four Rivers Conservation area in western Missouri. The video shows flying orbs and unexplained lights everywhere in the wooded area and finally a huge UFO appears in the sky above the group. Coincidence?  I think not.

And the connection doesn't end there. Other strange cryptids have been reported to me including a Chupacabra-like creature and a human/wolf man creature. I saw something myself that I can't explain - twice. This animal was large, approximately 48" long, walking on all fours but with noticeably shorter front legs and a long snout. The back legs were strange, the joints were in the opposite position of a dogs and the back end was large and boxy. The hair was a mottled dark and light grey color. I saw this same creature, or two that look the same in southwest Missouri and in Blue Springs. A call to the Missouri Conservation Department resulted in the explanation that "there is no animal like that in Missouri."

A Kansas City area woman said she recently encountered something more sinister in the woods. She saw a tall creature with a human male body and a wolf head with large fangs - being held back by not one, but two bigfoot. She believes that the bigfoot were protecting her from this vicious-looking creature. I interviewed her several times and believe that she is a rational person and did not imagine this event. She wishes to remain anonymous.

So stay diligent when driving Missouri's highways and back roads and if you see anything out of the ordinary, take photos or video if possible, and record the time and location of the event. Also search the skies and ground for anything else unusual such as a landed craft that may be there in conjunction with a cryptid. I urge you however, not to go camping or hiking in our Missouri woods since more reports are coming in of large unexplained animals that would have the ability to harm or kill a human easily.


Margie Kay is the editor of Un-X News Magazine and host of Un-X News Radio Show. She is a UFO and Paranormal investigator living in Kansas City, Missouri.

This blog welcomes reports of bigfoot and other cryptids. Please send your report with as much detail as possible to: 

Bigfoot sightings common in Four-State Area

As published in the Joplin Globe
Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bigfoot sightings common in Four-State Area

By Josh Letner
The Joplin Globe

Woolly corners of Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma may support more than just black bears, mountain lions and wild hogs, according to one group of researchers. They believe the region also could hide a population of the legendary Sasquatch.

They cite dozens of unexplained encounters in the Four States going back 150 years. But their search for a 7-foot tall beast has run up against more obstacles than bigfoot’s shy nature.

‘Old Sheff’

Loren Coleman, founder of the International Museum of Cryptozoology in Portland, Maine, says some of the earliest reports of sasquatch sightings in the country came from Missouri and Arkansas.

Coleman says there are reports of a “monstrous wild man” in the swamps of the Missouri Bootheel dating to the 1840s. A decade later, hunters in Arkansas reported seeing a creature that was “gigantic in stature, hairy, and having footprints that measured at least 14 inches long.”

“What we have to look for in terms of old reports are people talking about hairy wild men and there are many, many of those coming out of the Ozarks. It was a real hotbed for reports of these creatures in the 1850s,” he said.

A similar report emerged out of Crawford County, Kan., just after the Civil War.

“We of the Arcadia Valley, in the southern part of Crawford County, are having a new sensation, which may lead to some new disclosures in nature history, if investigated as it should be. It is nothing less than the discovery of a wild man or a gorilla, or ‘what is it,’” stated a report that first appeared in the Journal Free Press of Osage City, Kan., in 1869, and was soon reprinted in the St. Louis Democrat. “It has so near a resemblance to the human form that the men are unwilling to shoot it. It is difficult to give a description of this wild man or animal. It has a stooping gait, very long arms with immense hands or claw; generally walks on its hind legs but sometimes on all fours.

“The settlers, not knowing what to call it, have christened it ‘Old Sheff.’

“It cannot be caught and nobody is willing to shoot it.”

The letter was signed by M.S. Trimble.


Since then, there have been more than 200 reports of Bigfoot encounters out of Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas, according to the Bigfoot Field Research Organization.

Ron Boles, who lives in Springfield and is senior regional investigator for BFRO, said they are a volunteer group that catalogues, investigates, and rates Bigfoot encounters across the nation. A Class C encounter, for example, is non-visual evidence, such as a track; a Class B encounter may involve a vague or blurry sighting; the rarer Class A sighting, said Boles, involves a sober-as-Sunday-morning contact.

One such encounter occurred in Southwest City the morning of Sept. 6, 2010, according to Boles and BFRO.

It was Labor Day, and three fishermen were driving home at about 12:50 a.m. when they allegedly spotted a large creature hiding behind a trash can on the north end of Main Street. When they approached in their vehicle, the creature stood on its hind legs and fled. The fishermen pursued briefly before it escaped into the night.

The incident was reported by the driver to the BFRO and Boles says he investigated it, along with Larry Newman, a current candidate for sheriff in Jasper County.

“I was never more convinced of a Class A sighting than that one,” Boles said.

“Never in my life was I prepared for what I saw,” the witness told investigators. “It had long hair about 5 or 6 inches long and turned and looked at us twice to see if we were on his tail, I guess. This was a face-to-face encounter with this thing. He had his head in a trash can eating something. That’s how we got so close, he didn’t see us coming. He left a footprint behind and the police took a picture of it.”

Boles says the driver willingly gave his account but the others were reluctant to talk.

“I trust apprehensive witnesses a lot more than I do willing ones,” Boles said. “In some rural areas, people would rather go to their graves than lose face.”

Newman and Boles, who conducted their investigation six days later, described the witness as “genuinely frightened” by the experience.

“The footprint was 16 inches long and 8 inches wide,” Newman’s investigative report states. “They described a creature about 6 1/2 to 7 feet tall with a shoulder width of about 3 feet. Very heavy muscular legs, arms and body. The face had a wide flat nose, black around the eye area and small ears. The hair (not fur) was a reddish-brown color and not messy and matted as often described. The face was black.

“After this lengthy and detailed interview we believe this to be a close contact Class A sighting,” Newman wrote.

Boles and Newman said they did not want to release the name of the witness, citing the stigma surrounding those who claim to have sighted Bigfoot.

Newman has conducted other investigations for BFRO, and says he was contacted by the group because of his experience in law enforcement. He says he has investigated several reported sightings in the region. He says some seem legitimate while others are clearly false.

Newman says he has never seen a sasquatch himself, so he remains unconvinced of their existence. Boles says it is good for investigators to have a healthy dose of skepticism..

“We have been taught to be more skeptical of these reports than anybody,” he said. “If we’re not the most skeptical people out there, then that takes away the integrity of our research.”

Chetopa Hoax

Skepticism is warranted, too, because the Four States is not only noted for its woolly corners, but also for its practical jokers.

Such may have been the case in Chetopa, Kan., in February 1978.

According to BFRO and media reports at the time, the Chetopa Police Chief was alerted to more than two miles of tracks, with footprints that measured 17 inches in length and nearly 6 inches in width. Thousands of people came out to see them.

“After a while the chief supposedly found what was making the tracks, which was a 6-foot-6 kid named Chuck Bentley,” says the BRFO.

Bentley later admitted he made large wooden feet and stapled them to his boots, and created large strides by running while friends served as lookouts.

“I was just trying to add some excitement to Chetopa,” he said after he confessed.

However, the BFRO website implies the chief may have concocted not the story of the tracks, but the story that it was a hoax, to get people to settle down and to keep the curious from stirring up the town.

Bentley never returned telephone calls.


Clever tricksters aside, Coleman says there is still much in the world that remains undiscovered. The growing field of cryptozoology, derived from the Greek word “krypto” meaning hidden, is the study of creatures that are not known to science, but are hypothesized to exist.

While some people might scoff at the notion of cryptozoology, new species are still being discovered. He points to a new species of monkey discovered in Burma, giant lizards in the Philippines, and giant squid in the Pacific Ocean, which were first photographed only a few years ago.

“In our society today everything is instant, but people forget that it took 67 years to find the giant panda in the 1930s. It took over 50 years to find the mountain gorilla in Africa in a concentrated search area,” he said.

Coleman says he believes it is possible that a sasquatch could survive in the Ozarks. He says, although the area’s population has grown, it has become more concentrated in towns and cities.

“We go from one place to another on these strips of asphalt and we are increasingly ignoring the places that are green,” he said. “There are a lot of animals out there that people are absolutely ignoring.”

Boles says there is currently more forested land in the United States than at any point in the last century. He also points to skyrocketing populations of deer, turkey and feral hogs as a potential food source for sasquatch.

But Coleman says he is concerned that a recent activity — charging to search for sasquatch — could undermine the scientific integrity of the quest to document cryptids.


In late February, the BFRO ran afoul of the National Park Service after an expedition of more than 30 Bigfoot enthusiasts — who had each paid $300 to attend — was stopped by park rangers in the Buffalo National River south of Harrison, Ark. The group was fined for leading an expedition without receiving a vendor’s permit.

Chief Ranger Karen Bradford said the group was acting as a concessionaire without the proper permits. She said that even if the group had applied for a permit, it is unlikely that the Park Service would have approved of a Bigfoot expedition because there was “no evidence of any Bigfoot, sasquatch, or yeti living in the Buffalo National River.”

Boles said the issue the Park Service was “an oversight, nothing more, nothing less.”

He says he is alarmed to hear that the BFRO would not be granted a permit in the future. He says the Park Service allows guided ghost tours at its Civil War battlefields, so why not Bigfoot expeditions in the wilderness?

“The Park Service is willing to acknowledge the possible existence of Civil War ghosts, but not an undiscovered primate?” argued Boles.

He also said the BFRO doesn’t guarantee that participants will have an encounter, but it does provide “the potential to have an encounter.”

“We offer an opportunity for people to come together to learn the signs that we look for and the things we do to draw them in,” he said. “You can’t go looking for them and hope to find one; you have to draw them in. You have to become the bait. You’ve to peak their curiosity and have them come to you.”

Coleman says BFRO guides have encouraged expedition participants to beat on trees and set off fireworks in an attempt to attract the reclusive creatures.

“The most wrong-headed ideas are coming out of the BFRO,” he said. “You’re just not going to find animals like this primate if you go into an area with 30 to 50 people looking for it. The noise and the camping activities will scare these creatures to the next valley.”

Coleman says the expeditions are “commercial adventures” that do not follow scientific method.

While Coleman is critical of the weekend expeditions, he has praise for the field investigations conducted by the BFRO of reported sightings.

“If you’re talking about the group and the weekend events, that’s much different than their individual investigators who also have a credible background in law enforcement. Those people are doing good research and good science.”

Boles says he is confident that there are many unknowns in this world that are yet to be discovered.

“I think there are a lot more mysteries left on this Earth than modern science will ever admit to,” he said. “Just because they don’t recognize it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Scientists haven’t been able to prove the spooklight in Joplin, but are you going to tell me that it isn’t there?”

Area Sightings

Oct. 10, 2002, Springdale, Ark.: Two hikers had a daylight sighting while walking up a creek bed. They reported the creature to be walking quickly. It was reportedly about 8 feet tall with brown fur, dark eyes and long arms. One of the witnesses said he was so scared by the encounter that he doubts if he will go into the woods again.

Sept. 5, 1993, Joplin: A Missouri Southern State University student saw a large creature while driving near Wildcat Park south of Joplin around midnight. “One evening several students were out there and a friend of mine asked me to drive him out there,” a witness told investigators. “Around midnight we were heading back to campus, I was taking a curve and as I got into the corner I saw a large ape-like, human-like creature standing just off the pavement.
“I would say it was 7.5-feet to 8-feet tall and 350 to 400 pounds. I’m not sure of the color since it was dark. I would say it was dark brown, but the moonlight and limited visibility gave its coat a whitish sheen.
“I was able to see eye-to-eye with it. The creature appeared to be much taller than the vehicle, but it was either squatting slightly or hunched down a bit. It had very broad shoulders, much larger than anything I had ever seen. They were close to 3 feet across.”

Nov. 18, 2004, near Purdy: A driver, traveling south on a winding, dirt road between McDowell and Purdy, noticed an animal in the ditch and thinking it might be a mule that had gotten out of a fenced area slowed down.
“As I got closer, it stood up, facing my (Ford) Explorer ... it came at an angle from the ditch, toward the passenger side of my truck. It was in my estimate at least as tall as I am (5 feet, 8 inches) covered with hair. The hair was a buff or light color.
“All I really remember at that point is hitting the lock button on my doors and screaming. It came up to the passenger side window and I could see its chest. If I saw the face, I do not recall it, just the chest in the window. I was screaming and hit the accelerator and sped away as fast as I could. I don’t know what it was, only that I have never seen anything like it before in my life.”

Welcome to MO Bigfoot and Cryptid Sighting Reports

This blog was created due to the number of bigfoot sighting reports I've received the past couple of years regarding sightings as far back as 1974 until just yesterday which are NOT on any major bigfoot website. For some reason, many Missouri reports are being removed from sites or just plain ignored and not placed on them. So to get an accurate account of these sightings and encounters I encourage readers to report their sightings and photos to this site and we will post it here. Also please check out the links for relevant information regarding bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch, the Hairy Man. or around these parts, the Missouri MO MO).