Saturday, October 8, 2016

Bigfoot Caught on Live Eagle Cam!

A video posted to YouTube on September 15, 2016 has gone viral with over 1.6 million views. The video was captured on a Carbon Media Group Eagle Cam who partnered with the Department of Natural Resources in a remote part of the state of Michigan. The video was captured in the spring of this year but only recently reviewed and posted. 

In the video a large hairy figure walking on two legs appears in frame, looks around, then jumps over a couple of logs and walks out of frame. The distance of the leaps appears to be longer than what a human would be capable of but this can only be determined if the location is made available to researchers. 

See the original posting here:

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Bigfoot Print Found in Rural Area in Missouri

12" foot print found on the property
A homeowner living in a rural area near Piedmont, Missouri found an unexplained footprint on her property on May 13, 2016. It appears to be a print made by a bare left foot and measures approximately 12" long. A second, partial right print was found four feet away. No other prints were located. 

The witness said that she has found multiple broken tree limbs, all at approximately 10' from the ground, with the limbs left bent over, and a driving path area which has now been completely blocked by branches and two large downed trees. She will need to hire someone to move these items before she can use her 4-wheeler on the path. 

Second foot print on ATV path
Four years ago this same witness submitted a short movie obtained by a motion-activated hunter camera. In this movie which we put up on You Tube, a figure is seen moving in the background that is either a person in a furry suit or possibly a bigfoot. Since then, no signs of a bigfoot presence have been found until now. 

Bigfoot are known to break tree limbs and block roads with heavy limbs and dead trees. This may be a territorial sign or a "keep out" warning. 

What surprised the homeowner was the fact that one of the broken tree limbs is right next to her house. "This means that whatever did this was very close to me and that is unsettling to say the least," she said. 

This site has been the focus of an ongoing investigation into paranormal activity witnessed by several people. This activity includes strange bright white lights and orbs, UFO sightings, strange visits by people, men walking in the woods at night and early morning hours dressed in black military clothing, and other odd occurrences. 

The witness lives in a remote wooded area outside the small town of Piedmont, Missouri, located in the Southeast area of the state.

Investigators speculate that this location may be some type of portal or vortex, allowing inter-dimensional beings to travel back and forth. 

Margie Kay is a paranormal investigator and the host of Un-X News Radio.

Friday, June 17, 2016

New Bigfoot Article in the Salem News

Photo: The Salem News

On June 14, 2016 the Salem News (Salem, Missouri) published an article titled Bigfoot in Bunker? The Search is On by staff reporter Andrew Sheeley. The reporter interviewed eyewitness David Prater and bigfoot investigator Dr. Emmett Reary of Salem. 
Photo: Dr. Emmett Reary

A quote from the article:

“The Missouri Ozarks is a mysterious place, a lot of odd stuff happens here. It just might be that the world we see is not the world as it really is,” Reary says. “The truth is out there, and we just 

have to keep searching for it and following the evidence.”Here is a link to the article:

Friday, May 27, 2016

Possible Bigfoot Sounds Near Missouri River

A man heard something large walking through the woods at his home near Richmond,Missouri not far from the Missouri River in May of 2016. 

The following is an email from a friend of mine:

I was going to share tonight an Experience a close friend of mine had 2 nights ago near the woods just north of the Missouri River, between Orrick and Richmond.  He was working late at night in a shed, left the shed and heard something large take 3 to 4 loud steps.  Says he didn't see it, but was very loud and in 3 to 4 steps covered approx 25 yards and into the woods.  Heard another 3 steps into the woods and then nothing. 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Thunderbird Sighting in Booneville, MO

A man named Mike called in to Coast to Coast AM last night, April 1, 2016 to report that while he and his son were on a fishing trip they heard something like running horses and feld strong vibrations through their feet. The man did not see anything, however, his son said thought he saw a gigantic bird with a 25-foot wingspan. Mike said "I now know why they call them a thunderbird because of the noise and the feeling they cause in the ground."  To listen to the show visit this link to the Coast to Coast AM website:

This report can go along with several others in the states of Missouri, Texas, and California that are similar in nature. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Sasquatch Shadow Sighting in Clinton, Missouri

A friend of mine living near Clinton, Missouri sent me some video footage that she obtained from her stealth camera. The camera is set up to view the back yard of her home right next to the detached garage. This is a rural area with a lot of acreage and woods, and many deer and other animals have been observed by my friend and her family and neighbors. Even wolves have been sighted at the tree line.
Two still shots from the video showing the full shadow on the ground and a shadow of the head on the bush to the left

This video was obtained a few days ago on the property. The night-vision camera is motion-activated so that it begins recording shortly after triggered. The witness slowed the video down because a shadow captured could not be observed easily without doing so. In the video a motion-activated light comes on, then the clear shadow of something walking by (apparently on two legs) can be seen on the ground and on a nearby tree. There is a very long shadow cast, which indicates something tall was there, and in the final frames it looks like a conical head shape shadow cast on a tree. We are going to test to see how tall the creature must have been in order to cast such a long shadow. It must have been moving very quickly as well and obviously had no problem walking on two legs.

It is the opinion of myself and my friend that the most likely candidate is a Sasquatch. It would not surprise me since we have had a number of Sasquatch sightings reported in Missouri in the past couple of years, and this location is a perfect spot for such a creature to live.


Margie Kay is a paranormal researcher based in Kansas City, Missouri. She is the host of Un-X News Radio show on and the publisher of Un-X News Magazine.