Friday, March 18, 2016

Sasquatch Shadow Sighting in Clinton, Missouri

A friend of mine living near Clinton, Missouri sent me some video footage that she obtained from her stealth camera. The camera is set up to view the back yard of her home right next to the detached garage. This is a rural area with a lot of acreage and woods, and many deer and other animals have been observed by my friend and her family and neighbors. Even wolves have been sighted at the tree line.
Two still shots from the video showing the full shadow on the ground and a shadow of the head on the bush to the left

This video was obtained a few days ago on the property. The night-vision camera is motion-activated so that it begins recording shortly after triggered. The witness slowed the video down because a shadow captured could not be observed easily without doing so. In the video a motion-activated light comes on, then the clear shadow of something walking by (apparently on two legs) can be seen on the ground and on a nearby tree. There is a very long shadow cast, which indicates something tall was there, and in the final frames it looks like a conical head shape shadow cast on a tree. We are going to test to see how tall the creature must have been in order to cast such a long shadow. It must have been moving very quickly as well and obviously had no problem walking on two legs.

It is the opinion of myself and my friend that the most likely candidate is a Sasquatch. It would not surprise me since we have had a number of Sasquatch sightings reported in Missouri in the past couple of years, and this location is a perfect spot for such a creature to live.


Margie Kay is a paranormal researcher based in Kansas City, Missouri. She is the host of Un-X News Radio show on and the publisher of Un-X News Magazine.