Saturday, July 9, 2016

Bigfoot Print Found in Rural Area in Missouri

12" foot print found on the property
A homeowner living in a rural area near Piedmont, Missouri found an unexplained footprint on her property on May 13, 2016. It appears to be a print made by a bare left foot and measures approximately 12" long. A second, partial right print was found four feet away. No other prints were located. 

The witness said that she has found multiple broken tree limbs, all at approximately 10' from the ground, with the limbs left bent over, and a driving path area which has now been completely blocked by branches and two large downed trees. She will need to hire someone to move these items before she can use her 4-wheeler on the path. 

Second foot print on ATV path
Four years ago this same witness submitted a short movie obtained by a motion-activated hunter camera. In this movie which we put up on You Tube, a figure is seen moving in the background that is either a person in a furry suit or possibly a bigfoot. Since then, no signs of a bigfoot presence have been found until now. 

Bigfoot are known to break tree limbs and block roads with heavy limbs and dead trees. This may be a territorial sign or a "keep out" warning. 

What surprised the homeowner was the fact that one of the broken tree limbs is right next to her house. "This means that whatever did this was very close to me and that is unsettling to say the least," she said. 

This site has been the focus of an ongoing investigation into paranormal activity witnessed by several people. This activity includes strange bright white lights and orbs, UFO sightings, strange visits by people, men walking in the woods at night and early morning hours dressed in black military clothing, and other odd occurrences. 

The witness lives in a remote wooded area outside the small town of Piedmont, Missouri, located in the Southeast area of the state.

Investigators speculate that this location may be some type of portal or vortex, allowing inter-dimensional beings to travel back and forth. 

Margie Kay is a paranormal investigator and the host of Un-X News Radio.

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