Sunday, December 16, 2018

Possible Sasquatch Calls Heard Along the MIssouri River

Investigators working on multiple UFO sighting reports in Sugar Creek, and Independence, Missouri have occasionally heard what are possibly calls by Sasquatch in the area.

Jean Walker and Margie Kay have been working on multiple UFO reports in the Sugar Creek and Independence, Missouri area along the Missouri River for approximately five years. Some witnesses have described hearing very loud screeches and screams that come from two or even three creatures at the same time, who seem to be communicating with each other from different directions. Both Margie and Jean have heard the calls as well while on site for investigations, but the witnesses who live on the sites have heard these yells on numerous occasions.

Location of Sasquatch sightings or screams
Three men saw a Sasquatch walk out of the woods and look at a stream in the Sugar Creek Conservation area a few years ago (see my previous article on this subject), so we know that Sasquatch are in the area.

The most recent event occurred in November of 2018 east of Independence, Missouri along 24 Highway in a rural area with farmland and houses. A family was having dinner when they heard what sounded like a girl screaming very loudly. They ran outside to see if they could find the girl, but didn't find anyone. Luckily, the event was captured on audio on their HD security system, and it has been analyzed by investigators, who believe that the scream was most likely a Sasquatch since it could not be identified as any known animal.

Seasoned Sasquatch investigators say that it is typical for Sasquatch to sound like a girl or woman screaming, although louder than what you would expect from a human.

All of the sites in question are near heavily wooded lands and are located close to the Missouri River. There would be ample food and water supply for Sasquatch in the area. Investigators plan to search for signs of Sasquatch structures in the area in the spring of 2019.

Anyone who has encountered a Sasquatch or heard unusual loud screams is encouraged to contact Margie Kay at 

Margie Kay is the author of The Kansas City UFO Flaps, Gateway to the Dead, Haunted Independence, and other books and publications. She is a paranormal investigator residing in Kansas City, Missouri. 

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