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Location: (Use GPS coordinates if possible) Note: We will not publish this information - only the site in general. We will use this info for our investigation purposes only.

Describe where you were, what you were doing, and who was with you:

Details about the sighting or encounter in as much detail as possible including height, weight, hair color, any sounds the creature made, if it interacted with you, how many you saw or heard, etc.: 

Dd you go back to the site on another date?

Did you see anything else unusual such as lights, orbs, or a UFO?

Did you see any other types of beings around the area?

Were owls nearby?

Did you hear anything unusual?

Have you had any unexplained events happen since this encounter?

If so, please describe:

Do you have psychic or intiuitive abilities?

Were you able to get any photographs?

Agreement: By signing below or submitting this form via e-mail I agree to allow the Missouri Bigfoot Sightings blog and Un-X News Magazine publish my account and photographs without compensation.

[]I would like for an investigator to contact me and investigate the site.

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